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William Forstchen, in Mongolia, at the court site of Ghengis Khan

William Forstchen in Mongolia

William Forstchen in Mongolia

WWII D-Day Veteran, Andy Andrews and William Forstchen, at Omaha Beach

Andy Andrews and William Forstchen speak of days sparked by the vintage WWII Jeep at the Montreat College story location

William Forstchen poses next to his P-51D replica, "Gloria Ann 2nd" of the 352nd Fighter Squadron

William Forstchen performs an engine run up prior to taxi of the WWII replica Loehle P-51D

William Forstchen poses next to his vintage, WWII, 1943, Aeronca L-3B Recon Bird of the 352nd Fighter Squadron

William Forstchen and his daughter, Meghan, prior to taking off at Shiflet Field 9A9 in North Carolina

The 352nd Fighter Squadron L-3B adorns her original WWII D-Day Invasion Stripes in honor of our veterans

L-3B at the hardstand of Silver Creek Airport in Morganton, North Carolina among another WWII vintage Recon Bird

William Forstchen takes off in the L-3B from Shiflet Field, North Carolina as the pilot would have flown this particular aircraft in the book

Webmaster Don Barber and William Forstchen pose next to P-51D "Little Witch" SX-H at the Gathering of Mustangs & Legends in Ohio

William Forstchen on the flight deck, during flight ops, of the carrier Theodore Roosevelt

William Forstchen and daughter, Meghan, in flight during book signing tour

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