Story Locations

Below are photos of places referred to in One Second After and One Year After.

If you are planning to visit the Black Mountain area and wish to see these places in person, Europa will soon be selling a map tour with GPS coordinates for each location.

John first meets Makala

Elementary school

John's favorite breakfast place

Remembering Mary

Cherry Street

Dentist office

Beginning of One Second After

John plays chess here

Hardware store

Site of hospital

Town hall/fire station

John buys cigarettes here, where a convenience store used to be

Post office

Site of morgue

John and Makala agree to meet here

This store gets looted

Drug store with insulin

View of Mount Mitchell from Exit 64

Gate into Montreat

Factory that makes generators OYA

Lake Susan dam

Power station OYA

Chapel of the Prodigal

Chapel of the Prodigal interior

Gaither Hall

Graham Chapel interior

Graham Chapel nave

Gaither Fellowship Hall

Graham Chapel stage

Dining Hall and site of drills

Stone arch bridge

Prayer porch

Interior of prayer porch

Assembly Inn (hospital)

Post office that Johns lives behind in OYA

Excecution wall and tennis courts


Seven Sisters

Jennifer contemplates mortality

Veterans cemetary

Exit 59

Veterans' hospital

Charlotte Street overpass


Memorial to Col. Morgan

Snipers on top of bank building


Charlotte Street cicle

Old Mountaineer Inn

Asheville Mall

Exit 65 bridge

Exit 66

Exit 66

Exit 66

Bridge at the gap

Bridge at the gap

Train tracks at the gap

The gap

Truck stop